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Why You Need Ship-It, Inc.


  • You need to move a piano or send your daughter to college. Who do you call? Freight and moving companies move thousands of tons of raw materials, manufactured goods and personal household goods each year. Most of us are familiar with UPS, FedEx and USPS. All of these companies have limitations relating to weight, dimensnsions and classification. These companies limit their service to letters and small packages. Once your shipment exceeds 150 pounds, they will say NO. There are thousands of carriers nationwide. Unfortunately, a call to any one of them might result in you being turned down. Freight carriers are unaccoustomed to working with the average man or woman on the street. Carriers have specific policies relating to weight, size, dimensions and commodity. If you need to ship an item from Dallas to San Diego, many carriers will say NO. Many carriers ship only with customers with established accounts. Some carriers require items to be strapped to a pallet or crated while others do not. Some carrriers provide only fifty cents per pound of insurance. Some will sell additional coverage. Since policies differ so much between carriers, an intermediary is helpful. This is where Ship-It, Inc. comes to your rescue. Our job is to know carriers. We know their abilities, policies and idiosyncracies. Some carriers can be trusted with a grand piano while others can only handle an upright. Most carriers utilitze a system of codes relating to weight, dimension and stage of assembly. The classification affects the rate you pay. In the event that your item is quoted at a certain class and, after inspection at the terminal, is determined to fall under a different classification, you will need to pay the difference in price before the shipment will be delivered. This is another reason to have an intermediary like Ship-It, Inc. We anticipte these and many other issues. What we have detailed so far only relates to domestic freight. International shipping is different and will be discussed later. 


Call us at 800 797 3630 and let Ship-It, Inc. be your intermediary.   www.Ship-It.com  



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With your email, please include dimensions and weight of each item you are shipping as well as the to and from cities and zip codes. Let us know if there is a dock or if it is a residence. If you use NMFC classification, please include the class you are using. We will return a quote as quickly as possible.  We are here to serve you and your shipping needs.   


I am a Vietnam Era Veteran and this is a family operated business. We provide references for your consideration.  Ask for Ward or Linda  if we are available. We will consider you our friend and treat you that way.


If you need packing or crating, we do that. If you need a container delivered to your home, we do that. If you need us to store your shipment for an indefinite period of time, we do that.


We have provided logistical services to Burlington Industries, Conoco Phillips, Toffliner, Transwestern Properties and many other companies and individuals like you.  If































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