Shipping Tips

Pack to Prevent Damage
The item you are shipping must be well packed and acceptable by the carrier. If you pack the item and damage occurs, the carrier or the insurance company may deny your claim. Ship-It, Inc. will assist in filing your claim but is not responsible for any damage, regardless who packs the item.  You may want to take photos of furniture before shipping as well as after delivery. Do not sign for delivery until you have carefully inspected the item. Call our office at 800 797 3630 if there is any problem. Each carrier is insured as required by law.
Place Your Order
When you contact us, make sure that we have all infomation necessary to price your job,  We need:
1.  Pick-Up and Delivery address, city, state and zip as well as whether it is a residence or a business zone
2.  Contact at both locations as well as phone numbers (land line and cell) fax and or email address
3.  Hours of operation at both locations and whether there is a dock or on an upper floor with an elevator
4.  Dimensions are very important as is the estimated weight. The price may change significantly if the carrier determines that the shipment dimensions are different than estimated. You are responsible for the addition charges which will be charged to your credit card.