Moving Your Piano or Organ

Moving a piano or organ requires a professional at every stage of the process. Not only is it a fine piece of furniture requiring careful attention to prevent scratches, it is a mechanical or electronic piece of equipment requiring preparation for the trip ahead. A grand piano must be partially disasembled to be moved. The instrument must be protected inside and out to prevent damage to the soundboard, electronics and the wood finish. The trip from the home or concert hall to the truck is the most dangerous part of the move. Stairs or steep inclines may be involved. One false move and your family heirloom may end up in the East River or at the side of the road. You may remember Laurel and Hardy or the Three Stooges moving a piano. 


The correct enabling equipment must be available for the professional mover to carefully get your piano outside of the house and finally into the truck. Once in the truck, it must be prepared for the ride with other fine instruments. It must not touch the sides of the truck or the other pianos. It will be blanket wrapped to prevent this from happening.  Now we have completed step one of the move. It was not easy. If you are ready to ask for some help, call Ship-It at 800 797 3630 or completed the form below. 


Once the piano reaches it's final destination, we repeat the process. The instrument must be lowered to the ground and up the front steps (or thru a second floor window in difficult cases) to enter it's new home. Difficult turns are made down hallways and up staircases inside and out to accomplish the job. Finally, the piano must be positioned where it belongs and the legs reattached. If you want to call U-Haul after this description, that is your call. We at Ship-It would hope that you would not take that risk. Call us at 800 797 3630.