We can handle what ever you need to  

ship or move. If UPS says no (items heavier than 150 pounds), we take over and get it done. If you need to ship an antique dining room suite to your children, we can help. If you are relocating overseas, we can help. If you need to send a bunch of boxes to a relative, we can do it. We can pick up inside and deliver inside and provice full insurance if you need that service. Call 800 797 3630


For your business, we can handle anything you need to ship. Whether a full truckload, a crate of motors or a flatbed of pipe, we can do it. You will be assigned an agent who will work with you on every shipment. We can be YOUR SHIPPING DEPARTMENT.  We will assist in classifying your shipment according to the NMFC. We prepare the freight bill and dispatch the driver. You just work on your next project.  Call us at 800 797 3630 


We are adept in shipping various specialties such as pianos, motorcycles and cars. They each require special vehicles and handling. We can handle your manufactured goods or raw materials on schedule. We began our business in 1993 and are family veteran owned. Call us at 800 797 3630 or use the email format below. We are waiting to help you.